Get mentored by Paul Randal? Seriously?

So I saw Paul Randal post on his blog about mentoring people in the SQL Server community and even though I thought that would be a tremendous opportunity I didn’t respond. I mistakenly thought that well I wouldn’t get picked because I was sure the response would be so big I wouldn’t make the cut. But to my surprise he picked everyone!!!
Now I am kicking myself for not making the attempt and getting a chance to be mentored by a pillar of the SQL Server community.
That being said now I am hoping it’s not too late to make an attempt and possibly take a spot on the mentor list of someone who drops out. Well here goes, hopefully this is an inspired enough post to get me a spot in the 2015 class of Paul Randal mentoring!
I am a pretty new SQL Server DBA that has worked my way up to the position from PC repair, to running build servers and continuous integration, to web server admin, and now SQL Server DBA. Mentoring is something that can be difficult to engage in and opportunities seem to be mostly created and pursued by the mentee. I am constantly trying to identify my weaknesses and plot my course for learning about SQL server, it would be nice to have input from someone in the SQL Server community that has as much experience and knowledge as Mr. Randal.
Well I missed the deadline and I won’t be surprised if I don’t get added but its worth a try. If nothing else this got me blogging again and that’s something that I need to continue!


About standupdba

SQL Server DBA who has a desk that is stand up only. No sitting allowed! I like driving Hot Rod SQL Servers that go FAST!
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